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Hey Everyone!!
Learn all about our new ONLINE CLASSES. We are still open for essential physical therapy clients, but all personal training and non-essential sessions have been stopped currently.
We are learning, growing, and adapting to the current times. I generally prefer to learn in the “friendly manner,” not like a sledge hammer. AND, we are all learning the hard way in this one…in saying that we WILL get through this together. Part of what makes SPARK45 amazing is the group of people who come to class, and also why I fell in love with Carpinteria.
We are going to be doing THREE type of online classes (and who knows maybe more). We will be learning for sure with the first few as there could be some tech challenges. Hang in there we will get it all figured out. We will help you from afar to do that.
The three classes will be:
  1. “Lagree Like” off the Mega: Lot of Lagree inspired moves. We might have some other moves too,* so just enjoy.
  2. Group walks: these will be Audio based classes that will be live. We will go on a walk together in the world with pace changes, some squats, and more fun things.
  3. Silver Online classes: These will not be Lagree based classes like the others as “Lagree Like” off the MEGA is WAY hard. They will be target to those over 65 or new to exercising. This will be a great total body workout with various exercises from squats, balance, arms, core.
To register, we do need you to signup in the MINDBODY app (or on your computer) just like normal and at least 30 minutes before class. We have had a few issues with testing where people do not get the link for the zoom. This 30 minutes will let the teacher send you a link to class. If you signup less than 30 minutes before, we cannot guarantee we have the time to do that. Also, you can signup and NOT attend the live session. We will be recording these classes on ZOOM so you can get a link later to the class!!! I vote the live will be way better and quite entertaining. (Just saying).
AND we will have lots of payment options:
These classes were first created to provide value to our clients with memberships, and ALSO for those stuck at home who cannot get out for a workout. In addition, for those people who are not paying memberships, we would love to receive $$$$ support from you for these classes. And you will do what feels right and works for you. When you signup online, there will be the default option that is FREE, and then a drop down for lots of options from $5-$20 and also package options.
Here are links for your to purchase those classes now. We appreciate your support.
You can purchase a few classes NOW with the links provided above.
Or you can purchase when you sign up. Please note the default is the Free Class option, and if you want to pay another amount click the arrow at the side to see all payment options.
If you are a member, these are for you. If you are struggling now finanically, these are for you. If you have some extra $$$, these are for you. If you want to support and get outside for a walk, these are for you. If you just love SPARK45, these are for you.
Also, at the beginning of many classes we want to see each of you, and get your voice in the “online” space of class. AND also you will get a positive word for class. We need to bond together and gathering together is key….even if virtually.
With appreciation to each of you!!
P.S. The classes for tomorrow are NOW listed online though the website or the MINDBODY APP. SIGNUP NOW.

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